Who We Are – A Texas Law Firm that Specializes in Tax Matters

General Tax Counsel, PLLC (“GTC”) is a law firm that specializes exclusively in representing clients with respect to tax-related matters. GTC provides practical legal services to our clients and focuses on designing innovative tax planning solutions in connection with various proposed business transactions and tax controversy matters in areas where we have a unique expertise. Our clients frequently call on us to act as outside general counsel with respect to business transactions for which tax sensitive issues may need to be addressed in various phases of a proposed business transaction. We often provide clients with tax due diligence in connection with proposed transactions, advise clients on how to structure a proposed transaction in the most tax-efficient manner possible, and advise clients on all important tax planning and tax compliance matters that need to be addressed, including both pre-closing matters and post-closing matters. Our tax counsel and legal services are focused primarily on assisting clients in each of the following areas of tax specialties:
  • Providing tax support for mergers and acquisitions,
  • Counseling clients on tax considerations in oil and gas transactions,
  • Designing tax-efficient investment funds and structuring investments in various financial products,
  • Implementing estate planning techniques for high net-worth individuals and family offices,
  • Structuring tax-efficient executive compensation arrangements and advising clients on the legal and tax issues for employee benefit plans,
  • Consulting on international tax planning and international tax compliance issues,
  • Representing clients in tax controversy matters that arise in connection with audits that may be conducted by federal or state and local tax authorities.
We frequently advise other law firms on tax aspects of their clients’ corporate, real estate, investment, and commercial transactions and also provide tax advice to litigation attorneys in various contexts, including advice on the taxation of recoveries, settlements, and judgments. We have a close working relationship with a diverse array of senior level tax professionals who provide various specialized tax services on behalf of both large law firms and large national accounting firms. While we believe that GTC can usually provide clients with the most cost-effective tax solution with respect to the areas described above in which we have significant experience, we frequently collaborate with other tax professionals in order to resolve tax issues for clients that may cover areas in which our firm does not specialize. We often assist the senior management of large organizations in the evaluation and selection of law firms and/or accounting firms to represent them with respect to particular tax matters. Our founder, Coby Hyman, has previously served as in-house General Tax Counsel for two separate multibillion dollar investment management firms and has significant experience in running a large enterprise’s tax department in the most cost-effective manner possible. As such, Coby is uniquely positioned to advise executives such as the CFO, General Counsel, or Tax Department head of an organization on the best approach for effectively addressing tax sensitive matters in a responsive and timely manner.